The Certiport Beta Program

Help us shape the future of certification

About the Certiport Beta Program

At Certiport, we know that Certiport Authorized Testing Centers (CATC) live-and-breath certification every day, in real-world environments. We also know they have the experience, knowledge, and understanding for what makes a certification program work. Y»‚“ēÓlCATC can use this experience and knowledge to help shape the future of certification by participating in the Certiport Beta Program.

Joining the Certiport Beta Program provides CATCs an easy and impactful way to preview and test upcoming Certiport exam delivery systems and certification exams, and put them to work in likely-to-be-encountered environments. This review and input will play a key role in improving Certiport exam products and systems quality. It will also help ensure that Certiport’s solutions meet the needs and goals of the CATC community.

Frequently asked questions

The following are a few reasons to join the program:

  • Get an exclusive preview of the latest Certiport technology.
  • Only receive email invitations to beta tests that match y»‚“ēÓlprofile.
  • Have complete control on which beta tests y»‚“ēÓlCATC participates in.
  • Always know the time required and requirements of the beta test.
  • Have a key role in improving product and system quality.
  • Support y»‚“ēÓlfellow CATCs and educator community through y»‚“ēÓlfeedback.

The Certiport Beta Program is focused on CATCs throughout the world that have active Certiport certification programs and are willing to help Certiport enhance the quality of their systems technologies. CATC’s that join the program must have an account in good standing and be willing to directly communicate with »‚“ēÓlteams during the beta testing process.

Complete a . You will receive a confirmation email of y»‚“ēÓlinterest.

Please note that completing this enrollment form does not guarantee y»‚“ēÓlselection for any beta tests and invitations to participate will be at Certiport’s discretion.

Once you complete the Certiport Beta Program enrollment form, y»‚“ēÓlinformation will be submitted to »‚“ēÓlteam to review for future beta tests. If y»‚“ēÓlprovided information matches the requirements of a forthcoming beta test, you will receive an email invitation to join »‚“ēÓlbeta testing group for the application solution. The invitation will outline requested responsibilities of beta testers and will be specific to the individual beta test. To confirm y»‚“ēÓlinterest, simply fill out confirmation form linked in the email and »‚“ēÓlbeta systems team will reach out to you with further instructions and information.

Please note that the technology tested through this program will be pre-released versions that may be incomplete and may not reflect the final experience. This Beta Test program and all information shared through this program is confidential and should not be share with outside parties.

Participation in the beta program is completely voluntary. If you are unable, or simply choose to not participate, you can decline. You will remain in the program and may be asked to participate in other beta reviews.

Yes. Participation is voluntary. A program member can withdraw at any time.

There is no fee to join or remain as a member the Certiport Beta Program.

Beta program accounts do not expire however participants have the option to opt-out of the program at any time. Participants may be asked to update their profile preferences on an annual basis.

Participation in the Certiport Beta Program is voluntary. We appreciate and value y»‚“ēÓltime and effort but cannot provide compensation for participation.


For questions or more information, contact the Certiport Beta Coordinator or y»‚“ēÓlCertiport Territory Manager.