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My name is Ingrid and this is my new blog.

that's me!

Actually this is an assignment from my “Introduction to the Animation Industry” class, and I though it would be cool to share some of my experiences with this new Animation course that I am taking.

First things First: as I mentioned, my name is Ingrid Muniz and I am a Brazilian graphic designer that just moved to Vancouver. For the past 8 years I’ve been working as a visual designer in São Paulo and getting eventual side gigs as an illustrator.

I even attended a few minor conventions in Brazil! That's me sharing a table with Nah Vaz at the 2018 Anime Friends.

But for the past 5 years I’ve been noticing a decay in the overall graphic market, as most clients have been migrating to digital media and the demand for digital products has been increasing more and more. In my career I worked mostly in advertising agencies and I have seen the demand for social media content rising.

With that, I slowly started to shift more and more into motion graphics.

But the thing is, for these projects I would only do the artwork and had my great colleague Rodolfo Pereira doing all of the motion graphics. I wanted to study motion and animation, so I could help too, but the work timing wouldn’t allow me too. My life was way too busy at that time.

Some quick information, I did some animation before when I was in college.

This was he final assingment for a Animation course I took during college and it frustrates me to this day how lame this is, because in my mind it would have been awesome. There where also a few projects when I did a internship at a educational system as well, but I can't really share those :/.

I soon realized that I wouldn’t be able to study animation in São Paulo (at least not with my life schedule then anyways), and that’s why I decided to make an exchange program abroad.

When I was researching for places to go I came across with Vancouver that is a really huge hot spot in the industry. I Though it would be really great to study there.

I choose Langara for a few factors:

  • climate in Vancouver;

  • Length;

  • Value for money;

I am really excited to learn more about storyboarding and Character Design and to actually animate scenes succesfully. I have a lot of ideas for short scenes involving dancing characters. Anyway, now that I am here I am really excited to share with you guys some of my experiences in this new fase of my life.

Thats all folks!

Ingrid Muniz

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